For over 100 years, ozone has been known as the fastest, strongest and most natural disinfectant and provides treatment for over 5000 cities, 95% of bottled water and countless industries. Ozone is 3000 times faster and 300 times stronger than chlorine, breaks down to oxygen, preserves healthy water minerals and has no consumables. 

It took our proprietary ozone producing and mixing process to create a practical and profitable solution for thousands of gallons of the best tasting and safest water at a small cost and small footprint. We are proud to boast low-cost, low energy systems with unlimited adaptability to any flow rate and water application - 1000 Litres for less than .05 cents

From bacteria, metals, sulphur, tannin and even contaminants like medications are no match for the power of ozone. There is no other system as practical, dependable or affordable to as many industries as Aclarus for the healthiest water from any source, guaranteed.

Don't just take our word for it. Check out what our solutions, customers and research shows:

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  • Multiple treatments in one system; quick disinfection, oxidation and aesthetic treatment
  • Preserves healthy minerals, enhances any other equipment and appliance
  • High Flow for every tap; on-demand from any source, fully automated.
  • Completely natural, no consumables, no waste water
  • Low Maintenance, long life, compact and low energy

While other systems have their function, here are some of their drawbacks:


  • Large, expensive, low flow, high maintenance costs, wastes 50% of water.
  • Removes 99% of important minerals and electrolytes making unhealthy "zero" water.
  • Requires pre-treatment with softener; ongoing filter and membrane maintenance.
  • Membranes are a breeding ground for bacteria, harmful flushing to the environment.


  • 300 times weaker and 3000 times slower than ozone; expensive and complicated for home use.
  • Persistent chemical harmful to the environment.
  • Creates many by-products (e.g. THM's etc...) linked to disease; destroys vitamin C & D.
  • Needs purchase, storage time to work; harmful to people and products.


  • Requires pre-treated water, sterilizes only in clear, optimum water condition.
  • Does not fix iron, tannin, algae, aesthetics, chemicals and/or organics.
  • Constant maintenance and replacement of filters and expensive lights.
  • Requires more energy to use vs ozone as they run 24/7

Softener/Ion Exchange

  • Used to soften hard water; replaces healthy minerals with salt
  • Often over prescribed treatment; creates water with high sodium
  • No disinfection, limited treatment for other issues, needs back flush
  • Constant purchase and storage of salt, bad for health and the environment
Aclarus Ozone Systems Reverse Osmosis Chlorine & Chemicals Ultra-Violet (UV) Light
Treats the worst water with disinfection, oxidation, aesthetic. Keeps health minerals. Large, expensive, high maintenance, low flow 300x weaker & 3000x slower than ozone, destroys vitamin C & D Requires pre-treated water, sterilizes only in clear conditions
High Flow, on-demand, from any source; Helps any downstream equipment Makes "Zero Water" lacking healthy mineral & electrolytes Creates THM's & other by-products that can cause health issues Does not fix iron, odor, sulphur, algae, taste...
Completely natural, made from oxygen and low watt electricity; breaks down to oxygen Requires pretreatment; Membranes breeding ground for bacteria Constant chemical costs, storage, mixing; bad for septic Constant maintenance and replacement of sleeve, lights filters