Ozone is the New Solution for Wastewater Treatment, Aclarus Leads the Way.

Aclarus installed the first ozone wastewater treatment plant in Canada at the City of Cobourg in 2016. This system replaced chlorine and sulphur dioxide treatment eliminating over 500kg of chemicals that would have gone directly into Lake Ontario. More importantly, the system provided complete disinfection, removal of contaminants of concern like drugs and hormones and left only clean, oxygen rich water.
All of this was done with lower capital costs and lower operational costs of any other alternative on the market.

  • Quick returns on investment with lowered operational & capital costs.
  • Turn septic and process water into clean water instantly, naturally & at the highest flow rates
  • Costs less than traditional treatment options with low maintenance and upkeep.
  • Compact, easy retrofit without large infrastructure investments required.
  • Low power, advanced monitoring and control systems, fully automatic.
  • Only pure water produced, safe for discharge or recycling as greywater
  • Proven by McGill study to remove emerging contaminants, lower toxicity

Our McGill study showing our unique ability to remove emerging contaminants of concern.


There is a growing concern about contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) found in the environment, including pharmaceuticals, personal care products and illicit drugs, which are often not easily removed using conventional treatment technologies. Aclarus is proposing a solution!

Melissa Djap and Viviane Yargeau, McGill University