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Steve Stanlick, Peterborough ON Aclarus Review


Rural Home System, Ontario
We purchased a home in S Bruce Peninsula Nov 2016, never had a private well. We did the water test came back good however there was the water color yellow, and a definite sulfur smell. Clothes washed had stains, toilet always looked dirty to name a few issues. After checking numerous water system we found Aclarus. After many discussions with Adam from Aclarus we ordered our system. It arrived in a few days. We did install ourselves was straight forward and easy to install, customer support was above and beyond all of our expectations. Once the system was completely installed we noticed an immediate change in the clearness and the smell. Laundry no longer had stains or a weird odour. Toilets were crystal clear no staining. Water tests came back great, results were either greatly reduced or some parameters below min detection limits. We are so pleased with our water system and have absolutely no problem recommending this system to anyone with water issues. The water is clear, drinkable and no odour and tested great with no chemicals very little maintenance other than the air dryers our system has little to worry about.
Thanks to Aclarus and Adam.

Donna and Trevor Dollmaier


Sierra Construction, Kenora Ontario
We recently installed an Aclarus Ozone Water System and filters at our shop/office building. The manuals provided were easy to follow making the installation complete with ease.  Since the unit has been installed, we have had no odour from our water source! Prior to the system installation if we ran water – especially hot water - it made our entire office smell foul. Our water also had a yellow colour and was staining our toilet bowls and sinks before we installed the system.  We currently have cleaner sinks and toilets with no staining or yellow residue left behind.

Being able to consume water from our taps has also provided a benefit to our office.  This has saved us unnecessary costs and time out of the office filling and purchasing water bottles. We now feel safe washing our dishes and making coffee and have no residue on our glasses after washing.  We highly recommend the Aclarus Ozone Water System for any home or business dealing with similar well water issues! 

Thank you,
Sarah and Jamie Minor
Kenora, Ontario


Dear Aclarus,
We have installed the Aclarus Ozone System in our house to treat our well water. Before we installed this system our water was drinkable but had a terrible taste to it, we would buy bottled water to drink. All of our appliances, toilets and tubs all would accumulate iron colored staining which is terrible looking and difficult to clean. Also when you boiled the tap water it leave a slightly yellow film on top and when you showered you could smell the iron in the water. Once we bought a new washing machine and it began to stain we decided it was time to find a solution that would stop the staining and hopefully give us drinking water from the tap with quality taste.
I began to look online and after many nights of reading about different company’s products and claims I decided to contact Aclarus. The sales rep I spoke with was great to deal with, answered all of my questions, left me feeling like they cared about their customers and stood behind their product. She asked me a few simple questions about my house and recommended an 8GPM system. I ordered it and installed it when it arrived. Not only was the product easy to install it solved my water problems almost instantly. The water that comes out of my tap now is comparable if not better then what I used to buy at the grocery store and the best part is now my whole house has water I would call perfect. The first few times I took a shower I would tell my wife “worth every penny”. The water also seems to be removing the stains in the toilets and appliances as we use it more, which was just an added bonus.
I recommend Aclarus to anyone with water issues, it’s an amazing product and dealing with them has been a pleasure.

Cody S., British Columbia


Tonya Krann, Well Water
Dear Aclarus Team,
We wanted to write this letter to let you know how much we love our ozone water treatment system. It was installed in the summer of 2015 to replace a chlorine system that the former owner installed. From the day we moved into our house in Ennismore, we only used bottled water to cook our food as we were concerned with the use of chlorine to treat our water which was high in iron and sulphur.
After living in our house for a few months, we had a good sense of what we wanted and needed in a water treatment system. We called Adam to get a quote on an ozone system and he gave us some other options to solve our water challenges. Our well is deep, however, it has an extremely slow recovery, so that was always an issue in the mornings when getting ready for work or when we did laundry. We didn’t want to have to worry about running out, especially when we had guests so he recommended a storage tank as well as the ozone system. The team at Aclarus arranged everything and we were very pleased with the plumbing contractor they recommended – Dan Vanier from Vanier Plumbing.
When Dan was done with the installation, he routed our exterior garden faucet through the ozone system. Last summer I could not water my gardens with water straight from the well – the sulphur was overwhelming so I never used the hose – I only used rain barrels. Now that it runs through the ozone system, there is no odor, no chemicals and I know my hostas and perennials love it.
When we were on the chlorine system, there was no maintenance, however, it back flushed several times a week, wasting 80 gallons and as a result, we ran out of water on a couple of occasions. Adam told us he could have our ozone system set up to backflush if we wanted no maintenance – we didn’t feel right about wasting so much water so we asked for filters that we had to change manually. Since we have high sulphur and iron, we were worried that with the ozone system we may have to change our filter frequently, however, we have been getting 3-4 months on a filter and it’s a simple change. There are also micro beads that have to be heated in the oven. I placed them on a baking sheet and it took about 20 minutes to return to their original state. We’ve had the Aclarus ozone system for 9 months and I’ve only had to do it once. Putting the beads back into the tube took a little bit of ingenuity, however I ended up using a funnel and it worked well.
Our water tastes great and it’s much softer. It’s truly a worry-free system and most importantly, chemical free. We would recommend an ozone water treatment system from Aclarus to anyone who wants better water quality for their family.

Tonya & Joe Ennismore, Ontario


Paula and Dominic Vetere, Dug Well
Dear Larissa and Adam,
We would like to thank you both for your continued support throughout our struggles with getting our water to the fantastic level that it is at now.
We have gone from having the most horrible organic swampy smelling water to having the most excellent, clear, non-smelling water. We can drink from all our taps in the house. It's hard to believe it's coming from the same well that it used to. It is completely potable and we no longer have to buy bottled water for drinking.
We would highly recommend your Aclarus water treatment system to anyone. Your product and your excellent service are top notch.
Special thanks to you Larissa and Adam for your prompt helpful service and information for any questions we had during our installation. It's great to find a reputable company with an excellent product so please share this letter with the public on your website.

Kind regards,
Paula and Dominic Vetere
Ajax, Ontario


George D., Lake Water
As I was sitting with my cottage neighbours recently we were discussing one of the two major topics for all cottagers; water. I told them that of all the improvements I had made to the cottage over the years, the best one of all is my Aclarus Water System. The cottage is water access, and before we installed the Aclarus system, potable water was always rationed. It was inconvenient to get, heavy to transport, heavy to carry and a nuisance to have sitting on a counter in a cooler. So you can imagine the absolute joy we have now. Whenever we need water, we just turn on a tap whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom, shower or toilet. The water is clear, odour free and cold since it comes from near the bottom of the lake and is purified by the ozone system employed by Aclarus. I have had the water tested and the results are near perfect. Our Aclarus water purification system is the perfect answer for us, and I highly recommend both the product and the service provided by Aclarus.

George Duffield
Lake Isabella
Seguin, ON


Marty B., Well Water
Hi Adam and Mike,
I am writing in to commend you both on your excellent product and customer service. The Ozone water treatment system is the best that I have had! I have less maintenance and costs than with a traditional system. I don’t need a plumber to change filters or UV bulbs; saving me hundreds of dollars every year. I highly recommend your system; I am 100% satisfied! I had a traditional system for 7 yrs. It consisted of an iron filter, water softener, sediment/carbon filter, UV light and Reverse Osmosis for drinking water. Even with all of that hardware I still had issues with orange slimy iron bacteria in my toilets that I couldn’t get rid of. The iron filter did regeneration every 3 days; wasting a lot of water. I moved into a new house with a well that has a high iron count and hard water. The water smelled awful and left iron staining in the toilets and sinks. The water tasted horrible! A friend saw your system at a cottage show and recommended I check it out; so I did. The Ozone system is handling odours, metals, bacteria and giving great tasting water; all with less hardware. I added a water softener and use potassium instead of sodium; potassium is better for me and my septic system. I change my 2 filters myself; a sediment and carbon. I am including a picture of the iron the sediment filter captures; before and after.

Marty Bain


Boathouse Restaurant, City Water
We recently installed an Aclarus Ozone Water System in our restaurant - The Boathouse Restaurant located on Matheson Street on the southern waterfront of Kenora. Our goal as a restaurateur is to provide the best dining experience possible in North Western Ontario.
We chose the Aclarus system because it is able to polish city water to improve taste, improve water quality for food preparation, cleaning and remove other residual contaminates commonly found in typical City water systems. Even under “boil water advisory” conditions, we are confident our water is always the highest quality, potable and safe for our valued customers.
We are confident the Aclarus Ozone Water System provides us the best water quality economically and reliably. We would not hesitate to recommend the Aclarus system to other restaurants and businesses.

Michael Klassen - Owner


Tracey S., Lake Water
Dear Aclarus Ozone Water Systems:
I am writing this letter to thank you for your help in setting me up with a model AOWT8 ozone system with a solenoid back up. Recently our family purchased the unit from you in July of 2014 as we were switching from a well with a high sodium content to lake water. I was very skeptical about changing to lake water as I wanted to make sure I was drinking a pure source of water. Your company was very helpful with this. You tested the lake water to see what we were dealing with and advised us accordingly.

My husband installed the unit himself and you were always there to help with any questions we had. I am thrilled with the system. Our water is great and has a wonderful taste to it. When we were on well water we could only get drinking water from the kitchen with a reverse osmosis system, which needed regular service, and if the water system became contaminated with bacteria the only way to treat it was with chlorine. With our ozone system we are now able to drink water from any tap in the house, and never need to worry about bacteria contamination.

This is also the only system you need. There is no need for a UV light. The ozone system kills the bacteria UV only sterilizes it and the water needed to be pre-treated first. I want to make note that although I was on well water before, I talked with my neighbours around the lake that used lake water and discussed the systems they used to try and purify their water. I found the Aclarus system to be superior in its method to obtain the purest drinking water both in taste and what is being removed from the water.

I also love the system because it is easy to maintain. You have a tube of silica beads to change about every 6 to 8 weeks ( there is no cost to this as they are reusable, you just have to dry them out, very easy to do). A couple of filter systems to change, one that is sediment every 3 months and another carbon filter about every six months. You also have the option of purchasing permanent systems that never need changing and you can upgrade to these later if you so choose if not purchased right away. The system is also very cost efficient to operate, and I noticed no increase in hydro at all with the use of the system. I cannot say enough about how great I think this system is. There is only oxygen used to kill bacteria which is much healthier. I have peace of mind knowing that I always have a safe and reliable method to obtain pure drinking water.

I highly recommend Aclarus ozone water systems to anyone that needs to purify their water. They will be helpful in going over their systems with you and answer any of your questions.

Tracey Shantz Sears 1124 Hwy 124 Dunchurch, ON


Allan W., Cistern/Surface Water
Who would have thought to use ordinary air as a disinfectant? Aclarus has developed a simple practical unit that uses ozone, a condensed form of oxygen, to completely cleanse water of all bacteria and other foreign matter. The ozone, when inhaled closely, has a pungent refreshing odour, and can be exhilarating. But the resultant water has no unwanted taste or smell. The system really works. The Aclarus method is backed by a young and enthusiastic team that responds at once to any questions or problems. Furthermore, they are constantly conducting research into details to make a good thing even better, easier to use, more adaptable to a home or industrial situation.

Allan W.


Arthur B. (Eng) Bad Well Water
It begins with a well with unsufficient water at a certain time of the year to meet our needs. As our property is waterfront, to see all that water in the lake only raise your frustration level. Then you search for a solution towards the use of the lake water with a filtration and disinfection system. At that time, the choice fell on a liquid chlorine disinfection system. The problem with this method is the calibration. You know, ph water, chlorine residuals, tannin, not to mention the water temperature which greatly affects the chemical reaction. The result of all this was: that the quality of the water was continually sawtooth. It was impossible to ensure quality drinking water at all times. Consequence, the water was used for washing only. I carried liters and liters of bottled water for years to meet our need in drinking water and food preparation. Our misfortune continued until I found on the internet a Canadian company name ACLARUS. ACLARUS make Ozone Water Treatment System for residence. Skeptical at first, I did a little research on Ozone water treatments. This research has finally assured me that finally I was on track to fix my drinking water PROBLEM with a leading edge technology, with low maintenance and at affordable price. I found that Ozone is very powerful and react well in a wide range of pH and water temperature.

Following the information provided to ACLARUS on your supply source and water needs: ACLARUS designs a system adapted to your needs. ACLARUS warranty cover the equipment and THE RESULT. It is all directed toward your total satisfaction. I did the installation myself. We are delighted with the result. I assure you, the result falls just short of a miracle, it's instantaneous. I was so amazed by the quality of the water that I got to asked myself: Where this water coming from ? You know, after all these years of frustrations on the quality of your water and that your problems go away in a few hours .....that is not easy to accept!
Thank you ! Thanks again ACLARUS

Arthur Boudreau
Val-d'Or, Quebec

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