OneFilter Casing

OneFilter Casing


Watts OneFilter Casing - the best disposable filters available. High Flow, low pressure drop, easy drain - easy change. Offers up to 10x the filter capacity of big blue filters. 39"H x 8"W, 1.25" inlet/outlet. Compatible with Watts OneFilter Cartridges only, available in sediment and carbon in various micron ratings. Lasts up to 10x longer than standard filters.

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Say goodbye to small and inefficient housings and have an alternative to backwashing filters. Aclarus is a supplier of the Watts OneFilter, by ENPRESS which is a direct replacement for small and inefficient 2½” or 4½” housings, or expensive Stainless Steel cartridge housings, and offers extended service and life, and a more cost-effective and efficient filtration solution.

High flow, long filter life, easy and quick filter changes with the lowest pressure drop.
Utilizing patented industry exclusive liner design and no tools necessary snap-ring design; Full radial seal top and bottom caps make replacement simple. Cartridge Tank® makes it easy to access and remove the internal filtration solution.
Lightweight and cost effective with multiple configuration options, from high flow commercial/industrial applications to stand-alone residential Point-of-Entry (POE) installations for city and well water applications, this is the filtration solution of the future…100% non-metallic! The Cartridge Tank® is a high performance, NSF 42 listed device and has been tested to 100 psi operating pressure with 4:1 Burst Safety Factor.