In Use Across Canada for Safe, Affordable and Complete Water Treatment

All natural ozone has been safely treating water for over 100 years including in over 5000 cities around the world. The benefits of eliminating chemical consumables, lowering costs, maintenance and preventing dangerous by-products are one of the many reasons ozone is a perfect fit for municipal use. Aclarus NSF-61 Certified ozone systems offer an all-in-on treatment for stronger and faster disinfection, oxidation and aesthetic treatment that removes even the worst contaminants but protects healthy minerals. Aclarus ozone is installed in Ontario Parks, First Nation communities, public/park facilities, food and agriculture applications across Canada and abroad.  For lake, well or city water, Aclarus ozone systems provide complete treatment for premium oxygen rich water.

Aclarus ozone systems provides complete protection against problem and hazardous contaminants, from bacteria, to metals to chemicals. It removes and prevents THM's and other chlorine DBP. This means perfect tasting water rich in oxygen and healthy minerals for the safest drinking, cooking and bathing. 

  • Retro-fit capable, compact footprint; centralized or decentralized

  • Our McGill University study showed our unique ability to remove emerging contaminants

  • Ozone removes lead, trace pharmaceuticals, THM's, chlorine, hormones, pesticides & more

  • Compact, low energy design that runs on-demand for pennies a day at any flow rate

  • Lessen chemical consumables, by-products and remove more contaminants easily, naturally

  • Enhances other treatment equipment; easy control and monitoring adaptability

Can your water system do this?

  • Disinfect (bacteria, virus, cyst, blue-green algae…)

  • Oxidize (iron, sulphur, lead, pesticides, R/X, chemicals…)

  • Aesthetic Treatment (colour/tannin, taste, smell…)

  • Automatic, long-life, low maintenance and costs, no consumables