Ozone Water and Medical Marijuana - A Natural Match.

Safe, clean water is critical to medical marijuana water and ozone does it best. Installed in 6 licensed production facilities, ozone treats the worst issues without chemicals, but preserves healthy minerals. More importantly we offer the highest level of dissolved oxygen for optimal growth and security. Any medical marijuana or greenhouse operation will immediately benefit with Aclarus Ozone with improved production, lower costs and optimal results. The Aclarus ozone system will treat multiple issues AND provide multiple tools in one system. They are used to clean grow rooms, maintain water lines, recycle/reuse runoff, spray on product and more - all with out chemicals.

Aclarus is proudly Canadian built and in use at multiple medical marijuana, greenhouse and industrial facilities across the country. Aclarus offers the ONLY NSF-61 Certified system on the market for assured medical grade quality and results. Ozone is FDA and CFIA compliant and in use around the world.

  • Highest dissolved oxygen levels for optimum root and plant health.

  • Can be used with or without ozone in the water - safe for use on veg and flower stages.

  • Cleaning/sanitizing options available for chemical free cleaning and cleaner wash water/reuse.

  • Higher quality products, better bio-security and assurance; lessens odors.

  • Chemical free, no consumables, all-natural treatment - classified organic.

  • Safer discharge with no chemical residue; broken down contaminants before going to waste.

  • NSF-61 certified, Canadian built; <5-cents/1000Litres treated.

Safe For Use With Plants &amp; People

Safe For Use With Plants & People

The Best Water Without Chemicals

The Best Water Without Chemicals