We Work With any Industry to Improve Costs, Products & The Environment.
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Ozone is an approved disinfectant in Canada, FDA Approved for food and & cleaning process
• Instantaneous disinfection, improved operational time and costs
• Installed and proven across Canada for Improved product quality, shelf life and safety
• Any sized systems, able to treat of thousands of gallons on demand for pennies a day
• No inputs,or chemicals, minimal maintenance and low energy
• Improved equipment life and protection from water damage
• Improved public environmental image and increased product marketing potential

Some of Our Successful Industrial Projects:
Food Processing/Sanitation, CIP, Process Water Treatment, Rainwater Reuse, Groundwater Treatment, Greenhouse/Hydroponics, Bottled Water, Aquaculture, Medical/Lab, Portable/Remote, Medical Marijuana, Tank Treatment, Camps, Brewery/Winery, Restaurants, Fish Processing, Humanitarian, Custom & More!