Cottage Water Made Naturally Easy.
Safe, Great Tasting Water from Wells or Lakes.

Imagine never worrying about having safe, great tasting water at your cottage.
Only Aclarus Ozone offers complete 3-in-1 treatment to fix the worst water issues easily. Disinfection, Oxidation and even Aesthetic (colour/taste/smell) all in one easy system.

All natural ozone has been safely treating water for over 100 years including more than 5000 city systems 95% of bottled water and countless industries around the world. Aclarus brings the power of ozone to your life with practical and affordable ozone systems to solve even the worst water.  Aclarus ozone is installed in Ontario Parks, public facilities, industrial, food and agriculture applications across Canada and abroad.  For lake, well or city water, Aclarus ozone systems provide complete treatment for premium oxygen rich water.

Aclarus ozone systems provides whole home protection against problem and hazardous contaminants, from bacteria, to metals to chemicals. This means perfect tasting water rich in oxygen and healthy minerals for the safest drinking, cooking and bathing.

  • Bottled quality water at every tap with almost no maintenance

  • Eliminates bacteria/virus cyst, iron/metals, sulphur, tannin, & more, naturally.

  • Ozone removes lead, trace pharmaceuticals, THM's, chlorine, hormones, pesticides & more

  • Compact, low energy design that runs for pennies a day at any flow rate

  • All natural strength and perfect tasting water rich in oxygen & minerals.

  • Easy setup & shutdown; Fully Automatic, No Chemicals, Salt or Lights.

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Can Your Water System Do This?

  • Disinfect (bacteria, virus, cyst, blue-green algae…)

  • Oxidize (iron, sulphur, lead, pesticides, R/X, chemicals…)

  • Aesthetic Treatment (colour/tannin, taste, smell…)

  • Automatic, long-life, low maintenance and costs, no consumables