Clean Water Is the Most Important Nutrient. Aclarus Makes it Easy & Natural.

Any livestock operation will immediately benefit with Aclarus Ozone with improved production, lower costs and healthier livestock. One Aclarus ozone system will treat multiple issues on demand even at high flow with no chemicals or consumables. Even most pesticides, hormones and medications are safely removed with ozone.

Ozone is used for both livestock and food production and processing to assure quality, health and sanitation all without chemicals. FDA and CFIA compliant and in use around the world. Aclarus is proudly in place in Canadian farms across six provinces as well as food and beverage production facilities providing quality assurance and optimal operations.

  • Lowered costs and optimal health for animals - typically reduction in soap/acid costs

  • Eliminates the worst water issues, from bacteria to iron, sulphur, taste, smell and more.

  • Provides unlimited sanitation for washing WITHOUT chemical consumables - Clean water and Better Cleaning.

  • Proven in Canada to improve production, operations, safety with quick return on investment

  • Strongest and most natural treatment for perfect water and safer farm practices

  • Compact, low energy, any flow rate (7gpm-1000gpm)

  • Low maintenance, eliminate water issues for decades; finance and lease options available.

"Clean water without chemicals? I'm in!"

"Clean water without chemicals? I'm in!"

…definitely been a worthwhile investment..The amount of cleaning products we need for our dairy have also been reduced.
— Garland Farms

Ozone For Food Processing

Better Safety, Quality and Costs - Naturally.

Ozone Benefits for Food Processing & Storage

  • Longer shelf life; All Natural, No harmful chemical residual

  • Instant pathogen destruction : Salmonella enteritidis, E.coli-O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, Shigella dysenteriae, Micrococcus aureus, Clostriduim botulinum, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Bacillus anthracis, Streptococcus sp, Molds Botrytis, Rhizopus, Penicillium, Aspergillus AND MORE


  • Made on Site, 3000x faster, 300x stronger than Chlorine - Environmentally Friendly.

  • Approved by the CFIA, FDA, and supported by the National Organic Program

  • Lower cost, Water and energy efficiency; NSF-61 Certified

  • Air-born microbiological and odor control; Ethylene removal

Case Study - Dairy Water Treatment System

London Dairy, London Ont installed their Aclarus Ozone System in 2014 to treat high sulphur, above 5ppm as well as some iron and other issues. The sulphur contamination was causing equipment and cleaning issues, less than optimal production as well as aesthetic issues from the smell and water colour.

Three 30GPM Aclarus Ozone units were installed for a total of 90GPM with post-filtration. It has since provided bottled quality water for over 2000 cows, office and other buildings on the property. No consumables, low cost and fully automatic system. This replaced their peroxide treatment which was costing over $700/month and not fixing the issue. The Aclarus Ozone System reduced their monthly costs, reduced their soap, acid and chemical use, downtime from dealing with water and provided improved animal performance and health.

Garland Farms near Lindsay Ontario installed their Aclarus Ozone System in 2014 to provide better treatment on their dug well water. The system eliminated their bacteria, iron, colour, smell, tannin and overall taste to bottled quality.

As the owners testimonial attests too, the system made a big difference for them on their operations with improved cost savings and less soap and acid. The Aclarus Ozone System replaced his UV and filter setup which caused significant downtime and poor treatment before being replaced. This eliminated constant replacement of the UV and filters while providing complete treatment compared to sterilization.

Canadian built for Canadian farms. Superior water and sanitation from one automatic system without maintenance or consumables. Find out now how it can improve your operations by Contacting Aclarus. Want to speak with a current system user? We can arrange that too.