Aclarus started with a vision of better environmental solutions that actually work for any purpose, to systems treating millions of gallons of water every year naturally and at better costs. The Aclarus team is backed with over 20 years of combined ozone treatment from water to wastewater and soil treatments. Cousins Michael and Adam Doran met their partners in Peterborough in 2011 and exploded onto the market as Aclarus, which now boasts over 800 installs (and growing) across Canada and around the world, including the groundbreaking ozone wastewater treatment plant in Cobourg that is the first of its kind in Canada.

Aclarus systems are in use for Public and Government Parks, First Nation Communities, small communities, homes, cottages, businesses, condo, groundwater/rainwater reuse, food production/packaging, agriculture/livestock, bottled water, industrial process waste, remote camps and more. Aclarus systems are Canadian Built for water and wastewater from 4gpm-4000+gpm, sold through dealer and direct channels. Ozone is known as the strongest, all natural disinfectant and oxidant and has been used for over 100 years, mainly for municipal treatment. Aclarus design have made it practical, affordable and proven for even the worst water issues.

Aclarus ozone systems work on-demand without chemicals or consumables to treat any source water to bottled standards. Aclarus ozone generator and mixing system offer the most efficient and effective ozone designs to meet any and all water treatment requirements. More importantly they are proven to be durable, affordable, low maintenance and easy to use. Our units offer 3-in-1 ozone treatment in one system: disinfection (bacteria, virus, cysts, Log-2 Crypto), oxidation (iron/metals, chemicals, sulphur), and aesthetic (tannin/color, taste, smell) in a compact, practical and affordable design. In fact, ozone removes the worst contaminants but does not reduce healthy minerals.

Our on-going government project with McGill University showed the system’s unique ability to remove Emerging Contaminants of Concern from water including medicines, THM’s, pesticides, hormones, drugs and many chemicals. This is unique to ozone and a major benefit while also meeting the most strict water quality standards. When used on high salt and mineral water, ozone will enhance downstream equipment. Reverse osmosis and micro filters are greatly enhanced by having complete pre-treatment, biological security as well as improved backwash and cleaning of membranes for less waste water, higher flow and longer life. We also often blend flow to prevent trying to eliminate all minerals in the water (i.e. higher flow and treatment options). Canadian built, the core of the technology is based on exclusive proprietary ozone production and mixing systems that overcomes previous ozone design limitations. Automated, on-demand, long life, low maintenance and operational costs (1000litres treated for <10cents) with a modular design to meet any flow rate or application, Aclarus systems offer practical and permanent solutions.

Our systems easily incorporate monitoring/controls of any type. Ozone is all natural (considered organic), requires only low watt electricity and air and has limited by- product formation potential. Quick setup, compact, long-life, durable. Find out how easy your solution can be.

Company Meaning and Logo

Aclarus is a hybrid word with Latin and Greek origins (clārus/clāra) meaning to be clear and this name perfectly aligns the vision and goals of our company for better treatment of both the water and our clients.

Our company "waterfall" logo represents our technology: three streams matching the three atoms of ozone and high-flow, all natural treatment. Our logo was designed by Matt Ternoway (


Aclarus Home Office - 1901 Fisher Dr. Peterborough ON K9J6X6