Can Your System Do This?

Welcome to Aclarus Ozone Water Systems,
Canada's Ozone Specialists!

Our NSF-61 Certified systems use the power of ozone in a practical design, for complete 3-in-1 treatment:

1. Disinfection (bacteria/virus/cyst...) 
2. Oxidation (iron, sulphur...) 
3. Aesthetic (colour/tannin, taste, smell...)

Even most Contaminants of Concern (pesticide, RX, hormones...) are no match for the all natural power of ozone!

Hundreds of our Canadian built ozone systems are in place around the world for multiple industries. From Ontario Parks, to homes and cottages, agriculture, engineered, industrial, food grade, small municipal and industrial waste treatment, clean in place systems, bottled water and more.
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