Welcome to Aclarus Ozone Water Systems, Canada's ozone specialists! Our NSF-61 certified systems use the power of ozone in a practical design, for complete 3-in-1 treatment: Disinfection (bacteria/virus/cyst...), Oxidation (iron, sulphur...) and Aesthetic (colour/tannin, taste, smell...). Can your system do this?

Hundreds of our Canadian built systems are in place around the world for multiple industries. From Ontario Parks, to home/cottage systems, agriculture, engineered, food grade, small municipal and industrial waste treatment, clean in place systems, bottled water and more. Satisfaction guaranteed*.

Learn about your solution below or Contact Aclarus and let us show you how we can make you love your water.

* Conditions apply, ask an Aclarus representative for more details.

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How ozone works for water treatment, explained in simple animation. Aclarus Ozone Water Systems proudly offers affordable and practical ozone water solutions across the world for residential, agricultural and industrial applications.

Testimonial from Steve, a happy client with bad water fixed by the Aclarus ozone system. Aclarus solved his smell and bacteria issue where all other methods had failed. Now every tap in the home has perfect water.