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Aclarus Ozone Water Systems

Clean Water Changes Everything.
Aclarus Ozone Makes it Easy.


Welcome to Aclarus Ozone Water Systems, Canada's Ozone Specialists!

Our NSF-61 Certified systems use the natural power of ozone in a practical design, for complete 3-in-1 treatment of ANY water:

1. Disinfection (bacteria/virus/cyst...) 
2. Oxidation (iron, sulphur...) 
3. Aesthetic (colour/tannin, taste, smell...) and more!

Even most Contaminants of Concern (pesticide, RX, hormones...) are no match for the all natural power of ozone!

Hundreds of our Canadian built ozone systems are in place around the world for multiple industries. From Ontario Parks, to homes and cottages, agriculture, engineered, industrial, food grade, small municipal and industrial waste treatment, clean in place systems, bottled water and more.
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Can Your System Do This?

aclarus solutions

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One Easy System, Perfect Water at Every Tap, Guaranteed.
Only Aclarus offers the power of ozone in one easy system for any flow & use. Naturally powerful treatment for even the worst water issues, from bacteria to iron, sulphur, pesticides, tannin/colour, smell & more. Ozone makes water safe, & appealing from lake, well or city water at every tap, guaranteed.

From public systems to homes, cottages and business, all natural ozone offers years of perfect water with just one system & no maintenance. Hundreds of Aclarus units are in use across Canada & around the world - how will it help you?

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Better Products, Costs & Environmental Footprint.
Our NSF-61 Certified ozone systems offer powerful, all natural treatment without consumables. No matter your industry, the benefits of treating your water with Aclarus ozone are clear: Improved product quality, sanitation & lowered costs.

Ozone is food grade quality, FDA approved & CFIA compliant for safe treatment & sanitation. Built for food processing, CIP systems, camps, medical grade, hospitals, beverage, mining, pulp & paper, schools, cosmetics & more. Stop spending money on consumables and water issues & make the switch today! 



Better Water, Lower Costs, Naturally.
Dairy, poultry, livestock or show animals will benefit from Aclarus ozone. From common contaminants to bacteria, our unique ozone system unlocks water from foul tastes, smells & poor quality for improved health, production, & costs - naturally.

Our compact systems offers both water treatment & sanitation with quick ROI. Built for farm life, systems are automated & low maintenance. Healthy water means less animal stress & more consumption to better utilize nutrients & assure optimal health for your stock.



Safer Discharge or Grey Water, On-Demand.
Aclarus proudly boasts the first municipal ozone waste treatment system in Canada. Our systems treat tertiary & process wastewater more effectively and affordably than traditional methods. Naturally Clean water for discharge or greywater reuse without consumables. Our McGill University study showed our unique ability to remove Emerging Contaminants of Concern (ECC's), for complete treatment at the highest flow rates.

Immediate savings & better treatment to improve operations, costs & the environment. 

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